The Two Tenors: Pete Christlieb and Don Menza on the Cannonball Stage


Powerhouse virtuosos Pete Christlieb and Don Menza have a friendship that goes back many decades. They are two of the most accomplished and well-known living legends in jazz. Individually, they are outstanding tenor saxophonists– but when Pete and Don perform together, they feed off of each other and take the energy to an entirely new level. We brought them together for a live performance on the Cannonball Stage at the 2011 Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival, and captured the tour de force on film to share with our fans and add to the pages of jazz history.

The first video we’re releasing is a 12-bar blues with the Two Tenors trading solos back and forth. Pete and Don are both playing Cannonball Vintage Reborn Series tenor saxophones in Dark Amber Lacquer finish. Pete’s is his Signature Series.

Pete recently released his latest album with his wife Linda Small and their eleven piece jazz orchestra, The Tall & Small Band.  Their album “High on U” is available at and



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