We introduced our MIO line of student and professional flutes at Winter NAMM in Anaheim this year.  After working on this project for several years, we are pleased at this great addition to our already very popular saxophones, trumpets and clarinets. 

About 30 years ago, Tevis Laukat, President of Cannonball, studied with a flute technician who taught him how to cut lip plates and now, 30 years later, he’s able to use that process here at the finishing factory in Salt Lake City.  We use many unique and unusual techniques to adjust the tonal characteristics in each flute before they leave the finishing factory.

It is exciting to us to finally be in the flute market to apply some of those techniques that have made our other instruments so successful.  It is so exciting for us to create wonderfully tuned and interestingly tonal instruments that will enhance your playing experience.

Questions for Tevis:

Q:  What flutes and features are included in the MIO Flute line?

A:  The Mio flute line consists of professional, intermediate, and student C flutes, professional and student piccolos, alto flutes, and bass flutes.  We have several options including solid silver tubes, nickel silver tubes with silver plating, low B foot, open hole or closed hole, offset or inline G, Y arms or pointed arms, split E, and a B foot with the gizmo key.

Q:  What special features does Cannonball offer with the MIO?

A:  We offer two crowns with every step-up flute (M5, M6, M7, and M8): the standard crown and the Royal Crown, which has a dome-shaped stone in the crown, (patent pending).  The Royal Crown is manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah and is made of titanium, which we believe also helps with the resonance of the horn, giving it a full-bodied sound but still warm and pleasing to the ear.

We have also designed a riser on our flutes which connects the lip plate with the headjoint tube.  The riser is a critical feature of any quality flute for directing airflow and helping push vibrations through the flute.  We work extensively in our finishing factory to make every riser perform at its fullest potential. This riser allows for the softest of passages to speak with ease.

Our unique state-of-the-art spring technology allows for superior precision of adjustment.  This unique spring material we have discovered works better than traditional material found in other comparable flutes.

Our silver tubes and headjoints are manufactured in the United States. The pads are manufactured in Italy by Luciano Pisoni who also manufactures all of our saxophone and clarinet pads.

 Q:  What about the piccolo and the alto and bass flutes?

A:  Our piccolos are manufactured to be free-blowing and very tonally consistent.  Our professional piccolo is made of Grenadilla with silver-plated nickel-silver keys, and our student piccolo is made with a silver-plated nickel-silver headjoint and a resin body.

The alto and bass flutes are silver-plated nickel-silver.  The alto flute comes with a curved headjoint, and the bass flute comes with both a curved and a straight headjoint.  Both are very resonant and finished in such a way as to be able to achieve a full-bodied sound.

Again, all of the headjoints of the piccolo, alto and bass flutes are finished here in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Q: Where are MIO flutes made?

All tubes and headjoints are made in the United States as well as the crowns for the Professional and Semi-Professional Flutes.  They are then assembled in China and then sent to be finished in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Cannonball headquarters.