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Welcome to the Cannonball Blog!  We are so excited to take on this new venture and hope that you will come along for the ride.  Subscribe to our feed and subscribe to receive our posts through email and keep up on all the latest news and events.  We are also excited to hear your feedback and comments on our updates.  So join us and get involved and help the Cannonball family grow!

3 thoughts on “The Cannonball Blog”

  1. Now that I am “retired” I will be able to shed more and be a real credit to the Cannonball Community! The great joy of playing music grows more and more as I get older and marginally wiser. There are a number of youtube vids. featuring the Cape Cod Communty College Jazz Ensemble. Do a search and look at the vintage gray beard in the sax section if you want to see how great looking and sounding the C-balls are!

    I also intend to take a remedial spelling course

    Sal Ciccio AKA harrycarney2000

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