Najee Visits Cannonball, takes a Raven Tenor


Tuesday April 3 was a fun day at Cannonball.  We were visited by Najee who made a stop here at the Salt Lake City Cannonball Facility to pick out a new tenor.  He played three or four and settled pretty quickly on a Raven Big Bell Stone Series Tenor.  We had a fun day playing around with saxophones, eating lunch, and telling fun stories.  It was a blast.  Najee stopped here on his way to Atlanta to play a concert with Chaka Khan thursday night April 4.  He left his old tenor behind to and took the new Raven to play on the gig.  What a fun day.  Check out Najee’s new educational video he did while he was here with his new tenor.

See his video here: Najee technique exercises

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