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Marc Russo: Overtones, Altissimo, Growling


During Marc Russo’s recent visit to the Cannonball Custom Shop in Sandy, Utah, we cornered the legendary saxophonist to get some insight into overtone effects, growling, and developing the altissimo range on the saxophone.  In this light-hearted yet informative video, we get a glimpse  into Russo’s wonderful personality as he dazzles us with his command over the instrument.

Russo began his career in the San Francisco area recording with such artists as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and the Tower of Power. Saxophonists probably know Russo best through his five albums with The Yellowjackets during the 1980’s. For the past 20 years he has been touring with the Doobie Brothers, still turning heads with his phenomenal talent. For those in the San Francisco area, you might catch him performing with the Tommy Igoe Big Band.

Cannonball is proud to have such a great player and person in our artist family.