Gerald Albright visits Cannonball


We enjoyed a wonderful weekend in September when the great Gerald Albright and his lovely wife Glynis visited the Cannonball Headquarters in Sandy, Utah. Gerald and Glynis are two of the warmest and kindest people anywhere, so – as you can imagine – our weekend was filled with a lot of fun, good stories, music, and most of all, family.

IMG_3540Day one was dedicated to recording some live music videos with the Cannonball Band featuring Gerald. Cannonball has recently expanded our facility to include a live sound stage we call The Villa. Cannonball endorser and talented composer Vince Norman arranged a fantastic version of “Winelight” for the occasion. Gerald, in true form, pulled out all the stops and put on a performance for the record books. The smiles on the other musicians’ faces show what a pleasure it was to share the stage with him. We also got him to perform a beautiful ballad. Stay tuned for that one.

One of Gerald’s favorite pastimes is golf (a theme which is hidden in the engraving on his Signature Series saxophones). Day two and three included 18-hole rounds where we found out that Gerald isn’t just a great golfer, but can also crack jokes with the best of them on the golf course – that is, unless we are running from the hornets trying to get to our sodas! If you follow his Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen Gerald sink a long putt for birdie.

Glynis is a wonderful chef and insisted to cook for us. She has been featured on Food Network. We were treated  to the crispiest, most flavorful fried chicken in the world, alongside her creamy homemade macaroni and cheese. She had even brought in her luggage some special place-setting decorations to complete the presentation. Not one crumb or noodle was left after the meal! Gerald is a lucky guy to have such a phenomenal lady in his life.

We are fortunate to have such great friends and family at Cannonball, and hope to see Gerald and Glynis again VERY soon!